Economic and Business Development

  1. West Baltimore Preservation Act:
    • 15 year moratorium on development by non-MBE contractors up to 65%. No more than 13% displacement. No more than 15% inflation of market rate over every 10 year.
  2. City & SBA backed microloans for local businesses with focus in
    • Artists & makers
    • Chefs/food product producers
    • Holistic treatment facilitators
    • Franchise creation*
    • Contractors, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, and roofers.
  3. Bed Tax
    • $1 for every bed at a non-taxable hospital and university w/ the exception of Bon Secour Hospital, Sinai Hospital, and HBCUs (Morgan State and Coppin)
  4. $1 Homes to fund Innovative Transit Strategies
  5. Inner Harbor Revitalization & Naturalization Project:
    • In advance of climate change transform the Inner Harbor into park space with levies for inevitable flooding. Natural barriers to protect the rest of the city’s more vulnerable areas from devastation. Work w/ EPA


  1. Recreation Centers with programming 6 days a week (Mon - Sat)
  2. Expansion of Youthworks to include youth entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals willing to employ and train in labor skills
  3. Free trade skill programs at BCCC for students of BCPS grades 11-12 w/ allocation to city utility and quasi-city agency utility jobs
  4. Return to a Paiquenesque school for girls that are pregnant/young mothers 21 and under
  5. Expansion of citywide youth athletics program in partnership with Baltimore Police Department youth athletic teams


  1. Charter School Expansion with African Centered Curriculum
  2. Return budget allocation for BCPS to North Avenue under new structure:
    • Superintendent & Chief Fiscal Manager with annual audit
    • STEAM in every school
  3. Teacher relief program:
    • Housing assistance within city limits
    • Rental / utility subsidy
    • Property tax subsidy
    • Summer Stipend
    • Allocation of Baltimore City Youth Fund for supplies
  4. Project ReBUILD - state partnership using Project COR money to turn vacant buildings into community schools/centers with returning citizens


  1. Intergenerational Living Tax Credit
    • Three generations as defined by birth index
    • Life estate deed
    • Ground rent redemption
  2. Property Tax Rapid Reduction
  3. Shelters In Schools
    • Retro fit BCPS closed schools (excluding those slated for demolition and rebuilding under the 21st Century School Plan)
    • Unused colleges still not paying taxes (BCCC Inner Harbor)
    • Job training and certificate programs partnered with DSS for residents of the shelters
  4. Rent Control/Market Rate Cap/Slumlord Zero-Tolerance
  5. MBE Developer Program to build affordable housing/community charities - city will abolish land acquisition cost

Public Safety

  1. Baltimore City Fire Department Reprioritization Plan
    • Enhanced recruitment with signing bonus and living stimulus
    • Re-opening of 7-9 fire stations
    • Trauma support and mental health wrap around services by way of re-negotiated benefits package
  2. Baltimore City Health Department
    • Lead as a public health crisis remedied by full abatement, protected air quality demolition, and water purification and protection
    • Gun violence as a public health crisis remedied by trauma-informed care; wrap-around service providers; fully funded expansion of violence interrupter programs (Safe Streets); non-violent offender hiring quota for businesses/franchises that operate within the city limits at scale based on number of staff and/or not limited to proceeds of $1 million U.S. dollars or more.
  3. Creation of Baltimore Investigatory Taskforce
    • Intended for revamping Commissioner Harrison’s Crime Plan with an approach that includes more city agencies as well as academic professionals in the fields of criminology, sociology, and psychology
  4. DPW Audit & Repair
    • Return to 2 residential trash collections (3 commercial) per week
    • Updating public cleaning and beautification technologies
  5. Opioid Crisis Rapid Response
    • End all city subsidized methadone programs to be replaced by holistic/non-chemical treatment programming for those suffering from addiction
    • Safe Injection Site Pilot
    • Drug Court 2020 - diversion program for addicts arrested to treatment services - diversion to resellers without violent record to Project ReBUILD for job training and placement
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Baltimore City has not had a Republican Mayor since the honorable Theodore McKeldin (1963-1967). The myopic one-party control of the city has led to community disinvestment and massive population flight over the years. Governor Larry Hogan disrupted the machine and brought level-headed leadership and economic mindfulness to the executive branch. Gov. Hogan serves as a prime example of how Baltimore City can benefit from Republican leadership.

Catalina Byrd is the homegrown breath of fresh air that the city needs to change its directions. She has longstanding relationships with community leaders and years of experience bringing resources to the folks who need it most.