"Baltimore is at a pivotal moment that will write the next chapter in our history. I'm running with a sense of urgency not to rebrand Baltimore as so many before me have but instead to actually change Baltimore - especially for those who have been left behind by the actions of my predecessors. I have a solid vision and strategy to make Baltimore the best it's ever been for all and not just the select few"

Catalina Byrd

to The Afro, August 30, 2019

Catalina A. Byrd

community advocate, journalist, political strategist


Economic Development

Entrepreneurs need a Mayor who will ensure they get the support they need to grow their business.

Youth Engagement

The Youth need a Mayor who work to save lives by prioritizing youth growth and development.

Housing Security

Baltimore needs a Mayor who will work to end homelessness and increase homeownership.

Growth & Education

Teachers and Students need a Mayor who will make it a top priority to close the achievement gap.


Baltimore needs a Mayor who can effectively rebuild the trust between the police and the community.

Catalina Byrd has spent years working to improve the lives of Baltimoreans!

From advocating to increase protection for domestic violence victims to working with community stakeholders to deliver needed services to the community. Catalina Byrd is no spring chicken, she has spent years fighting for the disenfranchised and forgotten.

1Baltimore City Women's Commission
Catalina Byrd serves as Chair of the Domestic Violence Committee of the Baltimore City Women's Commission
2Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce
Catalina Byrd is a former Executive Board Member of the Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce
3Domestic Violence Advocate
From victim to advocate, Catalina Byrd has led the charge to improve protections for victims of domestic violence in City Hall and down in Annapolis.
4Community Oversight Task Force
Catalina Byrd served on the Community Oversight Task Force established by the Consent Decree to help reform the Baltimore City Police Department
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Baltimore City has not had a Republican Mayor since the honorable Theodore McKeldin (1963-1967). The myopic one-party control of the city has led to community disinvestment and massive population flight over the years. Governor Larry Hogan disrupted the machine and brought level-headed leadership and economic mindfulness to the executive branch. Gov. Hogan serves as a prime example of how Baltimore City can benefit from Republican leadership.

Catalina Byrd is the homegrown breath of fresh air that the city needs to change its directions. She has longstanding relationships with community leaders and years of experience bringing resources to the folks who need it most.